Fat Burning Furnace Review

Fat Burning Furnace Review

Rating: ★★★★☆ 

Official Website : http://fatburningfurnace.com

Program Author : Rob Poulos

Price : $39.95 or $69.97 (With Videos)

21-day Trial for only $4.95

Refund Policy : 60 days unconditional

Delivery Method : Digital download for guides, two tools are web-based and the video upgrade is viewable online, and downloadable to your computer.A physical version can be delivered to your address.



The Fat Burning Furnace program has been produced by  Rob Poulos and his wife Kalen.

Rob Poulos writes extensively on health and weight loss topics. He struggled with his weight and associated ill health in early life.  Having lost over 40 pounds and corrected his life long obesity issues, they tried the methods contained within “FBF” with their own clients and achieved great results. Rob and Kalen then took these methods and created the Fat Burning Furnace program.


Is Fat Burning Furnace a scam or is it a great program to help fat loss, tone up lean muscle and improve overal health.?

Fat Burning Furnace is different from the majority of weight loss programs, in that whilst calorie control is a part of the program, the main aim of Poulos exercise and nutrition program is to raise your RMR (Resting Metabolic Rate) .

The program’s core principle is that fat loss is not due to the prolonged lowering of calories, but that by raising your RMR, you are not only burning more calories when you are working out but also, more importantly, burning  more calories during the day and even when  sleeping.That is the “furnace” part of this weight loss program.

Poulos says the practise of constantly cutting calories for most people only causes  hunger, cravings, and a slowing down of your metabolic rate. This results in a decrease in calories burnt leading to dieting plateaus and individuals simply unable to lose any more weight despite cutting calories further.

The benefits of  increasing your metabolism via a higher RMR mean that you burn extra calories, have more energy, and lose fat  whilstnot having to drastically cut calories. This results in fat loss and increase in lean muscle tone.

RMR based diet plans have peer reviewed and real world data to support their use.

Fat burning Furnace has an extensive set of workout programs structured specifically to increase your RMR .  The nutritional content is also designed to assist the workouts in increasing RMR.


What’s in the program?

The Fat Burning Furnace System  is a 158 page long guide , (excluding meal plans and recipes).

It is a well written and detailed guide, although slow to start with lots of introduction as to why he believes his methods work so well. The “how to” doesn’t start until around page 24, then the information on exercise carries on until page 104, with the remainder concentrating on nutritional advice.

The Exercise

Fat Burning Furnace workouts are whole body workouts that centre around  resistance training you can do at home with little or no equipment. The workouts are approximately  25-35 minutes long. The workouts should be done slowly to help burn additional calories. They are designed to maximise fat burning and improve muscle tone and flexibility. It aims to give you the toned “beach body” look rather than extreme muscle building.

There are no long cardiovascular workouts in this program. If you’re into long cardio sessions  this isn’t a program for you.

There are good photo guides of the workouts and you can upgrade to a video instruction package of the program.

There’s also a “for seniors” guide and a “beginners” guide to accompany the main product.

This is a program equally suited to men and women looking to lose fat and tone up muscle.


The Fat Burning Furnace Diet

FBF focuses more on micro-nutrients, the vitamins and minerals that our body uses to perform optimally but also to help burn fat naturally, than macro-nutrients (carbs, protein and fat) .

The aim is to choose foods high in the right nutrients, which tends to you eating less calories and more nutrient packed foods which fuel your body and make you more efficient in fat burning machine at rest by improving your RMR in combination with the exercise program.

There are detailed menus and recipes, along with lists and tables of suggested foods and alternatives.  The program also supplies you with a number of pre made diets and snacks.  This is a positive if you want everything laid out for you.

There are possibly too many plugs for his preferred multivitamin company in the text.


The Options

There are 3 levels to the system:


In the Deluxe package you get the main 158 page digital manual plus you get 3 months of email coaching (an email newsletter).


The Ultimate package does not cost anymore.

You get the guide plus two online tools – a Metabolic Rate Calculator and a Bodyfat Analyzer. You also get a detailed Progress Tracker for the workouts which you can print out and an upgrade to 12 months of email coaching

As it is the same price as the Deluxe it makes sense to have this one instead!

BlowTorch upgrade

Everything above plus

a 21 page digital manual with 7 videos in which the author does a workout for you (this is in his home gym, the lighting is not great, but the videos are good quality and you can see everything )

Plus Points For Fat Burning Furnace.

  • Work out at home.
  • Well written and detailed guide
  • Focuses on quality nutrition and resistance training to tone and firm the body while losing fat.
  • Solid  dietary plan  based on eating natural healthy foods. Meal Plans Included.
  • Suitable for men and women of any age.
  • Quick workouts with no warm up required, just 20 – 25 minutes in length
  • No long cardio required, author states that his system gives a better cardio workout than long sessions on treadmills etc and tells you why
  • Email support in case you have questions. Access to the author if you get stuck


Negative Points For Fat Burning Furnace

  • If you’re into long cardio sessions it’s not for you.
  • Mainly about the exercises with some focus on eating right, not exactly a ‘diet’ as much as a weight loss system
  • No videos about the core exercises to show you exactly what to do, just pictures and explanations unless you upgrade
  • Some exercises require weights which you either need to buy or be a member of a gym to get access to, unless you use the bodyweight exercises which do not cover everything
  • Several plugs for his preferred multivitamin company. Tries to sell you on a ProGrade food offer throughout the guide which can get annoying


Should You Buy It?

This is a good program to lose fat and tone up muscle equally suited to men and women.

The program comes with a 8 week money-back-guarantee. If you are not happy you can get a refund without any questions asked. it’s risk-free to give it a try.

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